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Mountain biking in Beersel

Beersel is also an excellent mountain biking destination. You can choose from three different mountain biking trails that crisscross the five villages of Beersel. There is a starting point with parking facilities in every village. Thanks to the connecting paths, the various routes can be combined. More details can be found in the downloadable brochure at the bottom of this page.

Green route (20 kilometres)

The Green route is the toughest route through the Molenbeek valley and over the Meigemheide plateau. Along the way you pass the Herisem mill, the village centres of Alsemberg and Dworp, the Hallerbos and many other beautiful spots.

Bordeaux route (15 kilometres)

This mountain biking trail crosses the Senne, the Kesterbeek and the Molenbeek valleys. This route is shorter and less difficult than the Green route. The greatest challenge in the Bordeaux route is the highly variable surface.

Oker route (5.5 kilometres)

The Oker route, the easiest and shortest mountain biking trail in Beersel, is ideal for beginners. The fields of Lot and the towpath along the Brussels-Charleroi canal dominate the scenery of this flat trail.