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Typically Beersel

Lambic beers

The artisanal lambic brewing process, whereby the beer ferments spontaneously and matures in wooden barrels, goes back many centuries. At the beginning of the 20th century, every municipality was home to several lambic breweries. Most pubs and restaurants had their own brewery where they brewed their own lambic beer and served it to customers.

Today, the Pajottenland and the Senne valley boast eleven active artisanal breweries and blenders. The breweries and blenders that are based in Beersel are: Oud Beersel  and 3 Fonteinen   in the centre of Beersel and Hanssens Artisanaal in Dworp. Discover them all at the Visitor Centre “De Lambiek” !


Besides the culture of lambic beers, Beersel is known for another local speciality, the so-called ‘Mandjeskaas’ (literally ‘basket cheese’), a fresh, soft cheese strained in baskets made from woven branches of the knotted willow tree. This traditional method is particularly labour-intensive and requires a great deal of expertise and, above all, time and patience. This cheese delicacy has a very rich history in Beersel and the surrounding areas. Shortly before the Second World War, there were about 150 producers of mandjeskaas in this region. Today, there is only one that carries on the tradition of making the cheese in the artisanal way: Kaasmakerij Walschot in Beersel, a cheese dairy that has been producing mandjeskaas for five generations. Needless to say that this product is an example of true craftsmanship! Learn more about this traditional cheese dairy and its products on their website link.

Contact and further details

A: Steenweg op Ukkel 61, B-1650 Beersel
T: +32 (0)2331 03 51 F: +32 (0)2 332 53 95